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Acoustic Design

Designing and building recording studios since 2012, our work is
characterized by collaborating closely with artists and
producers to achieve the spaces they have always sought to
develop quality music, films and other productions.

Consulting services

  • Comprehensive design of control and recording rooms (Stereo, 5.1, 7.1 systems)

  • Design of auditoriums, theaters and conference rooms.

  • Feasibility study of the acoustic project according to the client's projection.

  • Acoustic modeling of spaces using specialized software.

  • Design according to project location standards (DIN, ASTME, ITU, AES, LEED).

Acoustic Testing

  • Sound insulation measurements according to international standards (ISO, ASTME)

  • Baseline Measurements (Before project)

  • Acoustic measurements according to ISO 3382


When we conclude a project, we perform subjective listening tests and objective measurements to determine the final position of the monitoring system. We analyze the frequency response of the system at the engineer's monitoring point and at other locations such as the producer's station and the sofa where clients are usually located.

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